At Robin Interiors, we know that good design hinges on solving design problems, big and small.

We strive to communicate openly, and to build strong relationships with our clients, suppliers and the local community.  Our clients trust us to listen to their design dilemmas, to treat their space and tastes with respect, and to develop functional, personalized solutions tailored to their lifestyle.  Helping you enjoy your nest is what we love to do.


Robin Interiors is a residential design firm specializing in home renovations and updates.  Established in 2015, we are located in beautiful downtown Kitchener, Ontario, and provide service to the greater KW area.


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Owner & Principal Design Consultant

Robin Boles

I love my job!

I’m fortunate to have had a kaleidoscopic career experience that strengthened and honed both my analytical problem-solving side and my creative “maker” side.  I feel privileged to work in an industry where these skill sets not only get daily exercise, but are also recognized as essential components to success.  Robin Interiors is the culmination of these skill sets and is the marriage of all of my favourite design activities.  It’s an amazing platform for me to do my best work.

My Background

  • Bachelor of Environmental Science degree from the University of Guelph (where I launched my problem-solving journey)
  • Diploma of Craft & Design from Sheridan College (where I learned creative discipline)
  • Certificate of Interior Decorating from Conestoga College (where I had my “aha” career moment)

My Career Highlights

  • Designing custom cabinets at Olympia Cabinets, a fixture in the local design scene
  • Leaving a legacy of “how would Robin handle this” at a previous employer
  • Cultivating a habit of getting placed on elite work teams
  • Developing a reputation for managing the “tricky” jobs requiring attention to detail and complex problem-solving