In-home Design Consultation

This concentrated and focused work session is the starting point for working with Robin Interiors, or can be booked as a stand-alone appointment at the beginning or part way through your project.
We meet in your home for up to 2 hours and the focus is up to you. To get to know your needs, including how you live in your home and the basics of your personal style, we ask a lot of questions (as a former scientist, Robin is a professionally trained question-asker!). Once we have these clear we move on to guidance and decision-making. Depending on your priorities we may develop a colour scheme, determine a preliminary room layout, or provide off-the-cuff answers on a design topic relevant to your design dilemma.

A fit if you are looking for:

The first step in working with Robin Interiors

A confident “way forward”, whether you are a handy DIY-er or prefer to bring in the experts

A better understanding of your priorities and design dilemma, as well as potential solutions

Professional advice to cut through the overwhelming number of choices and options

Specific advice relating to colour, layout, furniture, window treatments, flooring, tile, fixtures, lighting or accessories

Guidance in meshing your new décor with your existing décor

On-the-spot answers to your design questions

Design Consultation

$350 +HST

Note that travel fees may apply depending on your location