Premium Design

Robin Interiors takes the lead in designing your space from beginning to end. We develop and finalize your style and room layout, and source your architectural features and fixtures, along with your furniture, window treatments, and accessories. We work with your contractor as your design advocate throughout your project to ensure the design vision is brought to life in every detail. At the end of the project, you get to enjoy an HGTV-worthy big reveal in your new space.

A fit if you need:

To ensure the right questions are being answered throughout the project

A knowledgeable and open communicator on your team from beginning to end

To avoid costly decision-making delays and mistakes

An expert to hold the big picture vision of your space while remembering the all-important details

Premium Design

Billed at Robin Interiors’ hourly rate. A rough estimate of hours is provided at the beginning of the project, with regular updates provided throughout.