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Robin Boles

Owner & Principal Design Consultant (she/her)

Hi there, I’m Robin. Former scientist and current design pro.

I want to help people embrace their forever homes by setting them up for successful renovations that provide livable comfort, custom-designed around their true priorities, lifestyle, wants and needs. I specialize in helping design-enthusiastic and design-curious homeowners plan their forever-home renos so that they can confidently travel through their renovation and enjoy the results, knowing it’ll suit them just right for years to come.

I’ve helped hundreds of local families to re-imagine and settle more comfortably into their homes. I’m a professionally trained question-asker, who would rather understand why you want a specific design feature than simply work your request into the design, unquestioned. I help you understand the “why’s” behind the design choices and your own priorities and wish list so that you’re prepared to field the myriad of tiny decisions that come with every renovation.

Using a unique blend of creativity, repeatable processes, technical ability, and psychology, I take a detailed and structured approach to my design practice. My formal design training instilled my creative discipline, coupled with the technical know-how to back it up. As a former scientist, my analytical brain is always on. Working in residential design is surprisingly similar to working as a scientist; while the tools and setting may be different, I’m able to apply the same big-picture thinking and attention-to-detail to create livable, comfortable and deeply personalized client spaces.

I’m active in the local and national design community, I’m growth-minded, and I lean into constructive discomfort that pushes me towards personal and professional growth. I’m equally at home running one of Canada’s only national decorating & design competitions with DDA Canada, as I am connecting and supporting interior design professionals at all levels of experience at a local and national scale.

I’ve had the privilege of winning a national design award for kitchen design, and my work and I have been featured throughout Ontario in multiple issues of Our Homes magazine.




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The forever home mindset

If you love the home you’re in, and are ready to commit to changes that prioritize your family’s current and future needs, then you’ve got a forever home. A forever home mindset gives you, us, and your renovation team the freedom to truly personalize the design process – getting you the renovation results you didn’t know you needed.