Concept Design

We specialize in helping you get the most out of your space by uncovering and working within your priorities, style preferences, and lifestyle needs. Our Concept Design Service prepares you for your renovation or decorating project by developing concept drawings, and narrowing down characteristics on architectural features (like flooring, millwork and fixtures), and decorative items (like furniture, window treatments, and accessories). At the end of this service, you'll receive 2D drawings of your new space, along with a visual style guide and details about the proposed types of features, fixtures and furnishings

A fit if you need:

Clarity around your design preferences

A jumping off point for your project

A comprehensive space planning layout that is easy to communicate to your project’s stakeholders

Preliminary design plans to send out for quoting

A tangible reference point to use when making decisions about the project

A conceptual jumping off point to refine with your contractor and other partners

Concept Design

Billed at Robin Interiors’ hourly rate. A rough estimate of hours is provided at the beginning of the project, with regular updates provided throughout.

Note that during the Covid pandemic, all services are offered remotely for your safety and convenience.