Concept Design

Receive a custom, tangible concept design plan that sets the vision for your renovation – for you to follow as closely (or as loosely) as you like.
Partner with us to discover your design profile, as we dive deeply into the components that define your personal design aesthetic and underlying priorities. Get connected to other local professionals who can provide specific design insight, and support your reno journey.

Your concept design will include 2D concept design drawings of your new space, a visual style guide, and preliminary guiding details about the space’s items and materials. The concept design is a communication starting point between you, your contractor, and your suppliers. It acts as a benchmark as you embark on your renovation, laying out the macro decisions that have already been made, and providing support for you to confidently make all of the micro decisions yet to come.

A fit if you want:

To go on a chaperoned journey of design self-discovery to better understand yourself, your priorities, and your needs

A concept plan that balances your true priorities with your real-world space

A framework that answers all of the big-picture questions about your reno before it starts

A road map to guide you during the material selection process

A benchmark that allows you to move ahead confidently with your reno team

Concept Design

This service is billed at a flat fee rate, based on the particulars of your specific project.

We offer this service entirely remotely. Depending on the situation, we may be able to offer this service using a mix of in-person and remote experiences.