Remote Design Consultation

Get the clarity you need to launch your renovation project, or to get unstuck at any stage. During this concentrated work session (lasting up to two hours on Zoom), we’ll ask all kinds of questions before diving into your design dilemma. Following the consultation, we provide you with a recording of the video call, a summary of the major topics covered, any sketches we may produce, and a brief follow up call once you’ve had a chance to digest this info-packed session.

A fit if you want:

Clarity and confidence as you start your reno journey

A big-picture starting point for your reno

A better understanding of your reno priorities

To begin narrowing down the design options that could work in your space and meet your needs

Personalized, professional answers to your burning design questions, so that you can make effective reno decisions

To continue on to Robin Interiors' concept design service

Remote Design Consultation

$695 +HST

We’ve refined the remote aspect of the design consultation down to a fine art. Clients continually tell us that it felt like we were in the room with them – particularly those clients who were initially hesitant about a remote service.


Due to the remote nature of the consultation, we are able to offer this service to anyone in Ontario.